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screen520x924Following a successful launch on Android earlier this fall, myVR — a new virtual reality social platform — has just launched its app for iOS.

“Using interactive, customizable ‘rooms’ as their personal hubs, myVR users can easily discover, save, stream and share online content including news articles, music and videos,” the company said in its release to the media. “This content is organized across 21 targeted interest feeds such as travel, sports, pets, DIY and food, all of which are also fully customizable.  Versions of myVR for GearVR and Google Daydream will be launching in the coming weeks.”

The free app, we’re told, gives users a unique experience in virtual reality by allowing them to visit each other’s virtual rooms and hold group voice chats all while browsing the web, watching videos, reading articles or listening to music together.

“With myVR now available for iOS, millions of more consumers now can enter a truly social and immersive virtual reality experience,” said Artem Fedyaev, CEO of myWebRoom and creator of myVR.  “As more and more people join, the platform continues to become more robust and deliver the opportunity to interact in an entirely new manner.”

To get myVR for iOS, click here.


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