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multi-platform-360-degree-video-ad-unit-unveiled-by-dashbidThis week, Mobile Advertising Watch was first to cover the latest offering from DashBid.

The company has just launched something called “DashBid360” — the first 360-degree video ad unit that runs on multiple platforms and screens.

DashBid360, we’re told, gives users a high-quality, high-impact 360-degree video experience.

“DashBid360 ads provide immersive, interactive video experiences. Users simply move their mobile device or mouse to view the advertising from every angle,” a statement from DashBid was quoted by MAW. “Sales of virtual reality equipment are forecasted to top $1 billion this year and reach $21 billion by 2020. Studies show deep user engagement in virtual reality environments.”

According to the report and the latest industry data cited, 360-degree video ads are growing in popularity among major brands and publishers that see the format as potentially more engaging than other methods.

“This groundbreaking product gives publishers the tools they need to drive revenue as 360-degree media catches on,” said Victor Ortiz, DashBid’s VP of Product. “DashBid is always looking to give publishers new ways to break through the noise.”

To learn more, check out DashBid here.


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