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ParamountOn Wednesday at the VRTL Summit, MoveoPlus LLC — developer of Moveo, a 360 degree free-rotation VR simulator — announced a strategic partnership agreement with Paramount Studios.

Under the new partnership, MoveoPlus will provide Moveo Virtual Reality Simulator (Moveo) units to Paramount as part of two upcoming initiatives that will reinvent the cinematography experience and theme park entertainment for customers.

Moveo is a revolutionary full motion and 360 degree free-rotation virtual reality simulator that projects users through fully immersive 3D worlds, flying them through space, while they experience the gravitational pull of objects nearby.

The simulator is compatible with all major head mounted displays (HMDs) on the market.

“Virtual reality is ushering in the next digital frontier and as the technology moves into mainstream use, our customers expect that we will deliver new social experiences that allow them to interact with the digital realm in a far more immersive way,” said Tom Hayes, Head of New Media at Paramount Studios. “The Moveo platform will be an important building block as we reimagine these activities, injecting them with a stronger sense of realism, to create a one-of-a-kind experience that can’t be achieved through traditional VR headsets alone.”


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