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More Fun, Less Money? Cedar Fair Amusement Park Company Exploring Virtual Reality Roller CoastersIf anything can be made virtual, why not roller coasters and other dramatic rides?

Now Cedar Fair, the theme park company that owns the popular Cedar Point and 13 other amusement parks, will run a trial of virtual reality technology for one of the firm’s many roller coasters.

CEO Matt Ouimet indicated plans were afoot when he recently spoke about “future growth initiatives” for the company.

“Alongside projects like park-wide WiFi and mobile apps, virtual reality is seen to have potential to create flexible experiences with less money,” reported RoadtoVR.

Could be a fun ride — for the company, for starters.

“Current R&D efforts are focused not just on ride based attractions, but other applications which can be applied to every form of entertainment we offer,” Ouimet said.

Ouimet didn’t specify the park or roller coaster that would be used as a testbed. No word yet on which VR technology will be used.

Hold onto your cotton candy, folks. The virtual roller coaster might be trundling into a headset near you soon.


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