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mexico-1242251_960_720Media Announcement: Monster Digital, Inc., which develops, markets and distributes Monster Digital branded products for use in high-performance consumer electronics, mobile products and computing applications, today announced a major new international customer relationship.

As the result of a recent agreement with distributor US Digital Link, Monster Digital VR headsets will soon be available at Sam’s Club Mexico and other major Mexican retailers. This recent order of more than seven thousand virtual reality (VR) headsets for a number of key retailers in Mexico is an example of Monster Digital’s continuing international market expansion.

This arrangement between Monster Digital and US Digital Link is an ideal way for Monster Digital’s products to be introduced into the high-potential Mexican market. It also provides an opportunity for future growth, with the potential that the company’s line of action cameras and VR cameras will also be widely available at retailers throughout Mexico in 2017.

The expansion into Mexico is an important step in Monster Digital’s international growth strategy. Monster Digital’s full line of action cameras, virtual reality cameras and VR headsets are in the process of being introduced into the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. Monster Digital also is now offering products in Canada, and expansion into other international markets is anticipated in the coming months.

About Monster Digital, Inc.

Monster Digital develops, markets and distributes Monster branded products for use in high-performance consumer electronics, mobile products and computing applications. The Company designs and engineers premium action sports cameras and accessories, in addition to advanced data storage and memory products for professionals and consumers.

Monster Digital is a registered trademark of Monster Products, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.

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