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The Science of Virtual Reality For Students at Georgia School, VR zSpace Stations Boost LearningNetDragon, a leading global creator of mobile and online gaming technology and educational services, says that the Immersive Learning Group at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education recently hosted the “2017 Workshop on Virtual Reality and Immersive Learning” in collaboration with Fujian Virtual Reality Industrial Base and the Smart Learning Institution of Beijing Normal University.

And what did we learn? Overall, virtual reality could play a pivotal role in the future of global learning.

Professor Chris Dede from Harvard Graduate School of Education is among those looking to the future ties between tech and learning.

“Past generations of learning technologies have seldom fulfilled the promise they offered because of various shortfalls in research, policy, planning and practice,” Dede says. “Today, we have an opportunity to work with a variety of scholars, policy experts and entrepreneurs to develop a road map that will use virtual reality to improve immersive learning techniques for students globally.”

NetDragon also hosted a virtual reality booth that provide attendees with the experience of a virtual reality enabled classroom. Participants, we’re told, utilized all of the equipment for a complete immersive learning experience.

Dr. Simon Leung, Vice Chairman and Executive Director of NetDragon, said, “Immersive learning is a proven and an important teaching method that technology can enhance. We look forward to learning more about the policy initiatives that come out of the workshop and how NetDragon can apply its innovative technology to make them a reality.”


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