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Marxent Updates VisualCommerce ProductMarxent, a powerhouse player in the realm of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for retailers and manufacturers, shared with VRJournal some big news Wednesday.

The company has just announced an update to its VisualCommerce 3.0 3D product platform.

If you’re not familiar, the VisualCommerce platform is a cloud-based content management system for smart 3D products that is purpose-built for use across channels.

The latest update, we’re told, will enable a markerless augmented reality solution for mobile in-field and direct-to-consumer sales.

So what does the news mean for home furnishings retailers, home builders, and manufacturers? Marxent tells us that they can now offer customers a “flexible, endless aisle shopping experience with photo-real AR technology made available from anywhere.”

“Our focus on creating a stable, realistic markerless AR solution that scales is a direct response to the requirements of real clients in the retail and building products verticals,” said Beck Besecker, CEO and co-founder of Marxent. “Retailers and manufacturers have long been interested in AR and VR as visualization tools, but issues with stability, scale and product realism have held them back from fully investing. Now they can be confident that an investment in 3D product strategies for in-context shopping will perform, resonate and pay off.”

More info on Marxent and its latest product updates is available here.


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