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Major Improvements Come to Next-Generation VR Camera SystemFraunhofer IIS, a German innovator in audio and media technologies, just announced that Felix & Paul Studios, an Emmy Award-winning studio focusing on virtual reality experiences, will integrate Fraunhofer’s Spatial Audio Microphone Processing solution into its next generation proprietary 360-degree 3D camera system.

All told, it’s big news for the VR production world.

Fraunhofer’s Spatial Audio Microphone Processing SDK, we’re told, is designed to ease the high-quality capture of authentic spatial audio content on set.

The company said Monday that the automated processing algorithm is the first audio technology to be delivered under Fraunhofer’s upHear brand of immersive audio innovations and Felix & Paul Studios is the first partner to incorporate and refine Fraunhofer’s algorithm into a virtual reality camera system.

“As the world’s only full-spectrum VR studio, we are dedicated to creating captivating, immersive experiences and sound plays a very important role in virtual reality storytelling,” said Sebastian Sylwan, Chief Technology Officer and Creative Partner at Felix & Paul Studios. “Fraunhofer is a world leader in digital audio technology and innovation and we are delighted to partner with them to incorporate their upHear Spatial Audio Microphone processing into our next-generation camera system; the full integration with our cameras makes the capture of a faithful spatialized scene rendition an integral, no-overhead part of the filming process.”


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