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Listen Up Facebook Grabs VR Audio FirmFacebook is diving even deeper into the waters of VR. The social networking giant just bought a promising VR audio company called Two Big Ears.

Terms of the deal weren’t made public but it is, indeed, a done deal.

“we’ve been hard at work creating technology and tools that have defined how immersive audio is crafted and experienced in VR and AR both now and in the future. We’re proud to see the impact our work has had on so many great projects,” the acquired company says in a blog post.

As a result of the purchase, the immersive audio company says Two Big Ears will now make its technology free as part of the Facebook 360 Spatial Workshop.

“We’re excited to be able to continue developing great tools for a larger number of people across the world,” the post concludes.

For Facebook, the deal is just another step in the company’s accelerated pace deeper into the world of virtual reality — a realm it looks to dominate despite the encroaching competition from some of the biggest names in technology.


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