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curriculums-boxesMedia Announcement: Lifeliqe (pronounced life-like), a visual learning platform incorporating virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) and interactive 3D announced today it started piloting mixed reality educational scenarios for Microsoft HoloLens in grade 6-12 classrooms. Using interactive 3D models and lesson plans from its award-winning app, Lifeliqe is now delivering educational content on two major immersive hardware platforms (Microsoft HoloLens and HTC Vive) as well as software platforms (Windows and iOS).

Students and teachers at Renton Prep in Seattle, WA and Castro Valley Unified College, CA took part in the pilot and were the first ever to try out Lifeliqe’s educational content on HoloLens during a Science lesson (see video).

“We’ve been using virtual reality as part of education at school for several months. Seems that students have preference for mixed reality for learning but the reason for it will be our next round of investigation,” said Michelle Zimmerman, Director of Innovative Teaching and Learning Sciences at Renton Prep.

“When using Lifeliqe’s learning experiences students were excited to dive into the blood vessel because they could visualize it, which should help their memory retention,” said Richard Schneck, Career Specialist at Castro Valley Unified College.

The students used Lifeliqe on HoloLens in lessons on circulatory system and electronegativity. “I thought it was really realistic and it was really fun to experience,” said Emmy, 8th grade student from Renton Prep. More students and teachers will be able to experience Lifeliqe on HoloLens as the pilots will be conducted at number of schools in coming weeks.

“Mixed reality offers completely unique means to deliver educational content and we are excited to take another step forward in providing immersive learning experiences. The excitement we witnessed during the pilot shows us the great potential mixed reality has in sparking lightbulb moments,” said Ondrej Homola, Lifeliqe CEO. “Microsoft is the second major tech company to start cooperating with Lifeliqe on content development. In 2016, Lifeliqe was chosen by HTC Vive as strategic partner for education.”

“We are thrilled to work with Lifeliqe to pilot mixed reality curriculum in secondary education,” said Lorraine Bardeen, General Manager of Microsoft HoloLens and Windows Experiences. “3D and mixed reality has amazing potential to improve learning comprehension, and we are excited to explore its possibilities in the classroom.”

About Lifeliqe:

Lifeliqe is the world’s first visual publishing platform presenting complete interactive 3D middle school science curriculum. Students, teachers and homeschoolers can access more than 1000 premium, ready-to-use 3D & augmented reality models and lesson plans for learning, creating and sharing their own content. Lifeliqe’s mission is to spark memorable light bulb moments and create a passion for lifelong learning in students. Lifeliqe is now also available in virtual reality as HTC Vive’s strategic partner for educational VR content.


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