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OnsightandRealWear-19a638a2255682439dd4bcca5e602a71VR News: Librestream Technologies Inc., the leader in virtual presence systems for enterprise, and RealWear, makers of the HMT-1, the first voice-driven, completely hands-free, head-mounted tablet for connected industrial workers, have launched an integrated demonstration of hands-free video collaboration using Onsight on the HMT-1.

The companies initially worked together to demonstrate Onsight and the HMT-1 at the RealWear Summit 2017. Since then, the companies expanded the integrated demonstration to launch at the Field Service USA 2017 conference and continue on a tour of field service, aerospace, and manufacturing conferences including:

At these events, conference attendees will have an opportunity to experience hands-free video collaboration using only voice commands. Highlights of the experience include:

  • Live video, even in ultra-low bandwidth environments
  • Voice command and remote expert controls for simplicity in the field
  • Telestration and image sharing to augment visuals

Kerry Thacher, CEO, Librestream shared, ‘We are impressed with the overall vision demonstrated in the HMT-1, and in particular the voice command approach and the overall physical design of the device. Our customers are often in rugged environments where safety glasses and hard hats are typical. Because of its unique design, the RealWear HMT-1 is a great fit for the Onsight platform.”

“For more than a decade, Librestream has demonstrated a proven ability to share live video and augmented content in rugged environments,” said Andy Lowery, CEO, RealWear. “We’re excited to offer Onsight features on the HMT-1 as this integration delivers powerful new capabilities to make field service operations safer, faster and smarter.”

About RealWear:
RealWear is a Silicon Valley company building the world’s first voice-powered, hands-free and fully rugged head-mounted tablet solution for connected industrial workers. Our team of seasoned executives and human factors experts hails from the ultra-rugged smartphone, smart glasses micro display and industrial augmented reality spaces. Together, we are engineering wearable hardware, software, cloud and AI solutions for enterprises in heavy industry. For more information, visit www.realwear.com.

About Librestream Technologies Inc.

Librestream Technologies Inc. is the leader in developing innovative mobile video collaboration solutions for field service, manufacturing, energy and public sector industries. Deployed globally, the Onsight video collaboration platform brings the eyes and ears of experts into the field virtually to immediately resolve issues and assess environments. Visit Librestream at www.librestream.com and connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter.


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