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FRANKEEarlier this month, Franke Foodservice Solutions exhibited at the annual North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) trade show in Orlando, Florida. And the heat was turned up on virtual reality.

“They usually arrive at the trade show with a trailer full of modern, weighty commercial kitchen equipment. This year, however, they shocked NAFEM when they arrived virtually empty-handed,” a release to the media underscores.

What did they come with? Virtual reality technology.

Instead, Franke’s trade show booth housed four virtual reality systems provided by VR partner BlackBox Simulations. The Nashville based company worked closely with Franke to create a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors, combining virtual reality, augmented reality, and a mobile VR ride.

Booth design presented what the company calls a daunting technological hurdle.

Roomscale VR relies on infrared sensors to track user position, and multiple units operating simultaneously creates conflicting signals.

“BlackBox was able to create an elegant design which permitted four units to operate simultaneously and independently. The open design drew in NAFEM attendees by allowing the experiences to be viewed from the tradeshow floor,” the company explains.

With VR having proven a hit at NAFEM, expect more — and soon. For now, to learn more about the kitchen manufacturer, click here.


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