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VRJournal was briefed Tuesday on the news that Jorjin Technologies is partnering with InfinityAR, the company behind an advanced augmented reality development engine, and Lumus, a leading developer of augmented reality transparent wearable displays, to announce its newest product, J-Reality MR smart glasses.

“Through this partnership, Jorjin, InfinityAR, and Lumus are providing a tangible mixed reality experience for system integrators, developers, and other strategic partners,” a provided statement reads.

So what features to the new glasses pack?

J-Reality is an all-in-one smart glasses solution that provides a superior enhanced reality experience by seamlessly blending holograms and the ability to interact within the world of mixed reality. Jorjin’s J-Reality smart glasses use a proprietary state of the art positional tracking and scene understanding technology.

Additionally, we’re told that the glasses offer other features such as:

  • Front facing high resolution camera with built-in microphones and speakers
  • Unique industrial design – “over the eyes” and “up on the head” positions
  • Hand gesture control for mixed reality interaction
  • Stand-alone Android untethered product. No connection to a phone or PC is required.

“We are excited to be partnering with InfinityAR, and Lumus, two of the top leaders in mixed and augmented reality in the world at this moment,” says Tom Liang, President of Jorjin Technologies. “Together, through this partnership, we are bringing Augmented Reality into the fingertips of many different fields.”

No word yet on when you can get the glassed but they will be demonstrated at CES Asia 2017.

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