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Hear the Sound of One Hand Clapping B-Bridge and Artifice Launch Zen VR Meditation AppJennifer Lastra of 360 Immersive and Colleen Fletcher of Wholistic Beauty Boutique are making waves with their latest creation.

The two pioneering women “have combined cutting edge technology with time honored traditions to bring consumers this innovative approach to their total health and well-being.”

What we have, in short, is a VR guided meditation app – MyVRguru.

Through the app, users can “discover a new way to settle inward and experience the most silent and peaceful level of your own awareness.”

All told, the early reviews have been tremendous.

“As a person regularly immersed in tech I found the meditation app to be a natural progression in my spiritual journey – a familiar tool to take with me along the way,” says Hinsel Scott of GeeksWorldWide. “I really enjoyed the feeling of being immersed in the energy of each color of the chakras without feeling overstimulated by the visualizations inside the app. I see this as being not only a great asset for those new to meditation, who may be just learning how to meditate, but also for the experienced practitioner looking to change up their routine.”


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