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VRADX Debuts Tech for Experiential VR/AR Movie MarketingImagination Park Entertainment confirmed to VRJournal today that it has produced three Virtual Reality titles that are ready to package and submit to popular VR online content stores.

The news comes just as the global appetite for VR content reaches a fever pitch.

The demand for VR content is growing exponentially as hardware sales increase. VR headsets are expected to reach 2.5 million units this year, up 79% versus 2016, while driving $660 million in revenues, a predicted year-on-year jump of 42% according to CTA (Consumer Technology Association).

Helping content find audiences is the boom in VR gear adoption.

According to freshly published research from Tractica, more than 200 million consumer virtual reality head-mounted displays (HMDs) will be sold worldwide by 2020.

Gabriel Napora and Yas Taalat were producers on all three projects, which are sequenced for submission to VR stores for spring and summer this year.

“Imagination Park’s primary focus is to become a world leader in producing Virtual Reality content,” says Napora. “I believe with these three projects, Imagination Park will establish itself as a top producer. Our ability to film and deliver high quality VR experiences gives us a strong advantage. When these VR experiences are released, I believe they will be among the best available and IP will set a new benchmark standard.”


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