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The founder of HTC has been tapped to deliver the keynote address at the VR Hackathon at UC Berkeley, which kicked off over the weekend and wraps up today.

“In a drive to inspire and encourage the VR community to expand their efforts beyond gaming into making apps for the education space, the company Fulldive and nonprofit marketing organization Upsync have joined forces to launch a new series of VR Hackaton events,” event organizers explained Friday.

The first at UC Berkeley will last 48 hours.

Why the event? And why now?

“To reach its full potential,” those behind the hackathon say, “Virtual Reality technology needs to be harnessed for something beyond just creating amazing game apps. That’s the strong and thoroughly convincing position held by VR platform Fulldive and nonprofit marketing organization focused on the tech world Upsync.”

All told, the planners believe their efforts will encourage the VR world to put energy into making apps that focus on “education, teach skills, and deliver lasting value to the people who use them.”

“Our VR developers have the chance to change lives and potentially help whole communities with their work,” says Ed Ow from Fulldive. “We hope the Fulldive VRathon helps inspire this constructive use of the technology as well as provides a place for the VR community to make lasting positive connections between students, developers and its pioneers and leaders.”


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