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VR for business could be big business.

And HTC means business.

On Thursday, HTC Corporation announced Vive Business Edition as a way to capture the huge demand from industries worldwide to employ virtual reality technology in commercial applications.

According to a formal announcement shared with VRJournal this morning, Vive BE lets individuals and organizations order Vive VR systems with additional services “adapted for business and commercial environments.”

In addition to the complete Vive VR system, we’re told that Vive BE also comes with commercial licensing, a dedicated Business Edition customer support line and a 12-month limited warranty.

“Businesses will be able to buy multiple Vive BE systems, with the option to order large quantities,” HTC confirms.

Daniel O’Brien, VP of VR at HTC, says that with Vive BE, his company is “answering the overwhelming demand from global industries for a complete VR experience, to provide innovative solutions for their business needs.”

Vive BE will launch this month in the U.S., Canada, UK, Germany, and France and will be “rolling out globally in the coming weeks,” HTC says.


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