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hear360-aims-to-break-vr-sound-barrierLos Angeles-HEAR360’s 8ball, a new microphone for VR filmmakers, is designed to make it easier to deliver spatial audio for 360 video.

Although the offering isn’t yet universally available, now is your chance to see (and hear) what all the fuss is about.

Those interested can now enjoy early access to 8ball as HEAR360 has opened their Beta Program.

The company has invited Cinematic VR Filmmakers to “demonstrate the power of spatial audio” in exchange for a membership fee and feedback as they prepare for mass production of the microphone.

Based on early reactions and company expectations, the 8ball could prove red hot when it hits the market.

“We asked ‘What if we made it sound so real your mind believes you are there?’” says Matt Marrin, the company’s CEO. “We didn’t know if it was possible when we started, but we’re thrilled with the quality of sound and natural head tracking that you get with 8ball.”

To check out the 8ball for yourself, click here.


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