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Gamers Told to Gear Up for Mission Impossible in Virtual RealityThere’s a new mission coming for gamers. Should they choose to accept it, a familiar entertainment brand is headed to the world of virtual reality for their gaming pleasure.

VRJournal learned Tuesday about Paramount Pictures’ news assignment — Mission: Impossible, the virtual reality game.  It’s now in development, its makers say.

VRWERX, developer and publisher of the VR game “Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul,” has just announced a new VR game in collaboration with Paramount inspired by Mission: Impossible for all major head-mounted displays including HTC Vive, Sony’s PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift.

Similar to Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul, this new VR game will offer an original storyline inspired by the classic spy movie franchise, a provided media release explains.

“We love Mission: Impossible.  We’re extraordinarily excited to enable audiences to experience first hand the thrill of being an IMF agent in this high-tech, adrenaline-charged universe,” says Alex Barder, who serves as Co-Managing Partner at VRWERX. “In addition to strategic gameplay, our proprietary movement system enables us to innovate running, climbing, fighting, and many other impossible stunts the fabled franchise inspires.”

Those behind the eagerly anticipated new game assert that Mission: Impossible in virtual reality will demonstrate the power of VR in a way that audiences have not yet seen.

No word yet on a release date for the game. We’ll keep you posted.


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