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Fun on the ‘Playground’ Pantomime’s iOS App Opens Virtual Worlds VIDEOPantomime has just released its “Playground” app for iOS.

The innovative geniuses behind Pantomime set out to cook up an app that could be used as a “Consumer Immersive 3D Platform.” That’s code for — no headset necessary.

“Think a radically mobile VR display that can be paddled like a Nintendo Wii controller — but with greater precision,” explain our friends at RoadtoVR.

According to Pantomime’s press statement, the app is not a game, but “an introduction to a new immersive technology.”

How does it work?

An iPad or iPhone user can “look around and reach into physically realistic 3D worlds, using their mobile devices as both immersive 3D viewers and accurate 3D game paddles.”

Users interact in virtual worlds by handling their mobile devices. Users can see their devices and their nimble, animated virtual hands — through their own screens, in virtual mirrors, and in worlds shared with other users, who can Teleport into the same scene over local WiFi networks.

“Since the apps use ordinary mobile screens and don’t require a VR headset, Pantomime is the first immersive reality platform accessible to ordinary consumers and mobile game players,” the company said.

So, will it be a hit? VR without the headset or fancy technology? We’ll keep an eye on this and report more when the marketplace responds.

For now, you can check it out here.


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