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From Video to Virtual Can 360-degree Cat Videos Be Far Away Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Likes the IdeaMark Zuckerberg is giving Virtual Reality a big Facebook-style thumbs up these days.

In fact, the Facebook CEO is downright giddy about VR overtaking video as the next big thing in sharing content.

In other words, while we’re all getting used to the way video has overtaken social sites, news, and other digital communication, for Zuckerberg “that’s not the end of the line.”

“I think immersive 3D content is the obvious next thing,” Zuckerberg told interlopers on a recent earnings call. “There’s always a richer way that people want to share and consume thoughts and ideas.”

Of course, the Facebook honcho has a vested interest. The company has already plunked down its money for VR, betting that its Oculus could be a big profit arena next year.

“When the acquisition was announced, Zuckerberg said VR technology is a ”strong candidate” to emerge as the next social and communications platform, but he stopped short of anointing it as the medium of the future,” according to PCWorld. “Since then, Zuckerberg has made other remarks about how virtual reality could be used not just for gaming or for entertainment, but for allowing people to connect.”

And Facebook has already moved on from the headset tech issue to what comes next: virtual apps. In addition, Facebook officials have also suggested that its News Feed could soon support spherical, 360-degree videos.

That’s going to make for some amazing cat videos — as well as a whole new virtual world on Facebook.


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