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Ford Shifts into Gear on Virtual Reality for Marketing to ConsumersFord wants current and prospective customers to experience what’s new with the automotive giant through the immersive and surprisingly informative power of virtual reality.

“Picture yourself standing trackside at one of the biggest auto races in the world, next to one of the hottest supercars ever made,” Ford said in a media release ahead of the weekend. “The sights, the sounds – all of it so intense. Only you’re not really there, you’re thousands of miles away in your bed.”

Sound farfetched? It isn’t. The new Ford virtual reality app makes all of this possible.

Now available for iOS and Android users in the United States, Ford’s new virtual reality app delivers a “powerful storytelling platform for consumers and fans to experience Ford innovations like never before.”

“We are very excited about this opportunity to provide truly immersive experiences that showcase the best of Ford Motor Company,” says Lisa Schoder, Ford’s digital marketing manager. “Our virtual reality platform allows us to tell dramatic, impactful stories, to show a surprising side of Ford.”

To check out this story for yourself on iOS click here. For Android, click here.


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