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First Programmatic 360° Advertising Campaign Comes to Asia PacificPushing innovative advertising opportunities to  new markets, global advertising automation platform Kiosked, working with global media agency MEC, and Hong Kong Airlines, are rolling out the first programmatically run digital advertising campaign that utilizes 360° advertising units.

Pushed to the Asia Pacific market, the Kiosked 360 Panorama Video ad format allows audiences to “enjoy a unique brand experience via a virtual reality window that includes video ‘fly throughs’ of the business class seating and cabin of Hong Kong Airlines.”

As VRJournal reported Monday, Kiosked unveiled its new 360° Panorama experiences at Cannes Lions this week.

The objective of the offering, we’re told, is to give top publishers and brands the ability to extend virtual reality experiences to consumers.

Best of all, there’s no wait for the rollout. The new Kiosked offering is available today globally. And we’re seeing that Thursday in the Asia Pacific region. Hong Kong Airlines selected Kiosked 360° Panorama Video so that audiences could imagine themselves “experiencing premium travel.”

As for the results? They’re already rolling in. Here’s what we can tell you about them.

  • 35 X more effective* than traditional display with 4.51% CTR to site
  • 9 X longer time spent exploring the content vs traditional display

“We are thrilled to be the very first advertiser to launch the 360° ad unit programmatically in Asia Pacific and feature our business class offering,” says Ming Chan, General Manager, Brand Centre at Hong Kong Airlines. “This innovation allows us to scale our campaign and deliver a stunning experience directly to the mobile screen of our desired audience.”


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