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Facebook Unveils High Quality 3D-360 Video Capture System at F8This week, the world’s most prominent social network rolled out its new 17-camera “Facebook Surround 360.”

Making a splash at F8, Facebook’s developer conference in San Francisco, the new camera system (the design and stitching code) will available at no charge on Github this summer, Facebook confirmed Tuesday.

“We’re open-sourcing the camera and the software to accelerate the growth of the 3D-360 ecosystem,” Facebook says.

As a result of this course of action, developers will be encouraged to leverage the designs and code. As for content creators, they can use the camera in their productions.

Presenting what we’re told is a superior option for producing and developing content for virtual reality, Facebook says its design is incomparable to what’s presently on the market.

“Building on top of an optical flow algorithm is a mathematically rigorous approach that produces superior results,” Facebook said in its formal announcement. “Our code uses optical flow to compute left-right eye stereo disparity. We leverage this ability to generate seamless stereoscopic 360 panoramas, with little to no hand intervention.”

In addition to slashing post production time, the visual experience also raises the bar.

The system, we’re told, exports 4K, 6K, and 8K video for each eye. “The 8K videos double industry standard output and can be played on Gear VR with Facebook’s custom Dynamic Streaming technology,” Facebook says.

There’s much more to learn and see with regard to Facebook Surround 360. To check out Facebook’s new online hub for the futuristic camera system, click here.


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