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VRJournal learned Wednesday that ESI Group, leading innovator in Virtual Prototyping software and services for manufacturing industries, will present its latest Virtual Reality (VR) developments at the upcoming GPU Technology Conference (GTC) (booth 708) next week.

The conference is scheduled May 8-11 in Silicon Valley.

Working with NVIDIA, ESI has greatly improved its VR solution tailored for industrial use, we’re told.

“The latest release,” for example, the company tells us, “ESI IC.IDO 11.1, benefits from this action and will be unveiled at GTC 2017; providing visitors with opportunity to experience the new release and learn about proposed future innovations.”

In short, NVIDIA VRWorks enables ESI IC.IDO users to nimbly scale individual immersive desktop HMD evaluations to drive CAVE or Powerwall reviews.

In February, ESI announced ESI IC.IDO 11, developed using aspects of the NVIDIA VRWorks SDK. This past release featured an NVIDIA Quadro-enabled rendering framework, making it compatible with consumer and enterprise Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs).

“This improvement is a real breakthrough for engineers developing innovative products,” says Eric Kam, Product Marketing Manager at ESI Group. “They can now benefit from independent product-process evaluations in a natural and immersive manner without necessarily needing more elaborate infrastructure such as a VR CAVE or powerwall. At the same time, IC.IDO 11 offers great interoperability, so HMD users can perform in-process integration validations and collaborate on product/process design reviews with remote teams who may use existing VR infrastructures.”


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