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car-161046_960_720On Monday, eBay Advertising today released results from its two-part consumer automotive shopping journey survey.

The key takeaway, per the findings shared with VRJournal, is that technology is causing consumers to research and purchase cars online more than ever before and is shifting the automotive purchase journey.

Not surprisingly, virtual reality is among the breakthrough technologies cited for encouraging this marked shift in online automobile purchase habits.

The survey reveals that a majority of consumers (63%) are extremely likely/ likely to purchase a car online in the future. Additionally, twice as many men as women have purchased cars online citing reasons such as convenience, low prices, variety and having access to more options. The survey results also showed that when it comes to features, both men and women care the most about price, reliability and safety.

According to the survey, 87% of respondents are using the internet to research a vehicle prior to purchase, including reviewing price comparisons, ratings and current reviews.

Poised to accelerate this trend further in the years to come is the growing trend of virtual reality test drives.

“Technology continues to evolve the automotive shopping journey,” said Josh Wetzel, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing at eBay Advertising. “Consumers are already executing pre-purchase activities related to online research with increased interest in online automotive experiences. As more consumers continue to embrace automotive ecommerce for vehicles; enhanced experiences and technologies like virtual reality and artificial intelligence will continue to drive a larger shift to online purchasing.”


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