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DisplayLink_Wireless_VR_webreadyOn Monday, VRJournal was briefed by the team at DisplayLink — a provider of USB graphics technology — on the new launch of their freshly minted DisplayLink XR branding and reference designs for 60GHz ultra low-latency wireless virtual reality headset solutions.

The new tech in question is on display for the world to behold this week in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress.

“Following the huge interest and resounding success of a wireless VR concept showcased last month at CES 2017, DisplayLink is proud to announce new branding for their virtual reality solutions and the launch of comprehensive reference designs for both wireless VR PCB and Headset Adaptors,” the company tells us. “These solutions leverage silicon with performance to scale over the next two VR headset resolution nodes with immediate availability.”

John Cummins, the company’s SVP Sales and Marketing, says DisplayLink is elated to launch reference designs for wireless VR at MWC.

“These implementations include DisplayLink silicon, software, and 60GHz wireless enabling VR Headset OEMs to deliver solutions that fulfill the promise of totally immersive cable-free VR for commercial and gaming applications,” Cummins asserts.

To learn more about the offerings in question, click here.


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