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disneyIf you’re planning a visit to Disney’s theme parks any time soon, don’t expect to encounter any virtual reality attractions.

At a time when major theme parks like Six Flags are embracing virtual reality for major attractions like roller coasters, Disney is apparently stepping away from a similar deployment of these emerging technologies.

“Walt Disney Co.’s chief executive has no interest in having theme park visitors strap on virtual reality headsets that block out their view and place them inside a digital world,” MyAJC is reporting.

This direction, we’re told, comes straight from the top at Disney, as CEO Robert Iger blasts VR as reality-destroying headsets at theme parks like his, at least.

Speaking at a USC Marshall and Annenberg event in Santa Monica, Iger expressed fascination with and excitement over virtual reality, but cast doubt on its purpose at Disney theme parks.

Why? “What we create is an experience that is real,” Iger is quoted in the report. “When you walk into Cars Land, you feel you’re in Radiator Springs because of what we’ve built — not only the attention to the detail, but the scale.”

To read more about Iger’s view and Disney approach to deploying or dissing VR for theme park experiences, click here.


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