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Direct Agents Delves into Multi-Screen Video Advertising and Virtual Reality At GoogleDirect Agents – a data driven digital marketing agency specializing in analytics, media and creative – recently hosted a video advertising and virtual reality event at Google.

Taking place at Google HQ in New York City, the presentation tackled a host of issues that forward-looking marketers are already focused on.

In particular, we’re told that the event demonstrated how video and virtual reality are transforming digital media in 2017 and “what marketers should be implementing in this fast changing landscape.”

The event was designed to benefit marketing professionals looking to “learn current trends in video and VR and improve their engagement and acquisition.”

Nicholas Galante, Director of Programmatic at Direct Agents and Justin Nabozna, Agency Development Manager at Google, spoke to how to effectively utilize programmatic resources and tools.

“Direct Agents is excited to present some of the interesting areas of change and growth with multi-screen video advertising and VR. There are so many exciting tools available to us right now as marketers and we want to utilize this event to share some of our inspirations so far in 2017,” said Dinesh Boaz, Managing Director/Co-Founder at Direct Agents, ahead of last week’s presentation.

Marketing executives looking to transform their brands’ video advertising efforts are encouraged to connect with Direct Agents online here.


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