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dance-108915_960_720Virtual reality is set to bust a move across the pond.

Digital Domain, a leading global provider of visual effects and immersive experiences, announced Wednesday that it will be hosting a 360° virtual reality livestream of the 2017 UK B-Boy Championships World Finals taking place on Sunday, April 9 in the UK.

We’re told that the livestream will give viewers front-row access to the dance floor for the annual competition.

The full VR experience will be available through Digital Domain’s free app from the iOS App Store or Google Play. Additionally, the livestream will be viewable through vr.digitaldomain.com.

“There’s nothing like the thrill of witnessing these b-boys and b-girls do their thing live, and virtual reality is the next best thing to being there on the dance floor,” said Hooch Whittle, CEO of the UK B-Boy Championships. “Through our work with Digital Domain, we’re presenting more than just a livestream. This is a fully immersive experience that puts hip-hop fans in the midst of a showdown to determine the world’s greatest.”


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