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Crooner Content ReelTime Launches VR Mobile App Featuring Musician Megs McLeanReelTime wants to make the world safe for superior virtual reality (VR) content.

The company’s ReelTime VR app and production suite is establishing itself as “the leader in the production and distribution of Virtual Reality Content,” according to a statement provided to VRjournal. “ReelTime VR, which is available now to nearly 2 billion devices worldwide for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices, is the most technologically advanced and the most creative Virtual Reality content to be released to the public to date. (And it’s) the only company to offer a complete end to end solution.”

Best of all, it’s a free application with content that can be viewed with or without a virtual reality headset using most available smartphones.

How does it work?

“The user is immersed in a 360 degree viewing experience, allowing them to look up, down, and all around as if they were standing right there,” explains the company. “Breakout Country Music artist Megs McLean and ReelTime gave Taylor Swift concert attendees a special look into ReelTime VR during her performance at the concert in Seattle. The concert attendees were able to view “Virtually Me”, a revolutionary documentary shot in full 360 virtual reality which is featured on the ReelTime VR app.”

Industry observers are saying that the ReelTime VR production of Megs “Virtually Me” is “the most sophisticated and enduring virtual reality content to date.”

“Unlike lesser quality productions that utilize consumer Go Pro cameras providing lower picture quality and awkward movement, “Virtually Me” was produced with a proprietary system and shot with 361VR using Red Dragon Cameras,” according to the statement. “Compared to other applications such as the Samsung Gear VR which can only be used in conjunction with a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Reeltime VR is available to most smartphones worldwide and can be used with any phone based VR headset.”

Word on the street is that the ReelTime VR platform outguns Oculus Rift in every aspect including quality, price, and entertainment.

The smartphone VR tech will go a long way to spread interest in virtual reality, especially until peripherals like headsets become more ubiquitous and more affordable.

In the meantime, let there be music!


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