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On May 17th at the Metro Center Washington DC Marriott, RPG Squarefoot Solutions, a Laure, MD based Design and Construction Industry Solutions provider, are hosting a Construction Technology event.

“There will be demonstrations and a presentation covering available Construction Technologies,” a provided statement reads.

According to the scoop shared with VRJournal, there will be a Digital Plantable,a Secure DataVault (Knaack Boxes chock full of collaboration and hardware), Virtual Reality visualization tools, 3 D printers and scanners.

“Our partner distributor, Synnex as well as HP are sponsoring the event which covers emerging technologies that are making quick inroads and impact project productivity, safety, and costs,” we’re told.

Best of all, this is a free event to AGC (Associated General Contractors) of DC Association members and other area Design and Construction related firms. “Be there to see and experience what’s new and making huge impacts on construction projects,” the statement concludes.

To register, click here.


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