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Cogswell College Launches World's First VR and AR Certificate ProgramVRJournal learned on Tuesday that Cogswell College is poised to become the very first school in the world to launch a Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Certificate Program.

The underlying objective, we’re told, is to accelerate the development of applications for Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Not wasting any time, Cogswell’s first courses commence this summer.

Having recently been recognized by the prestigious Princeton Review as a Top Videogame Design School in North America, Cogswell College is uniquely qualified to address the challenges of creating meaningful VR/AR applications.  

“We look forward to helping the industry make sense of the exciting recent developments in virtual reality”, says Jerome Solomon, Cogswell’s Dean of the College & Director of Game Design and Development. “We recognize the pain of developing around emerging VR/AR systems while at the same time the gaming industry has always led the way in finding applications for new technologies”.

To learn more about Cogswell and the new certificate program, click here.


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