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Virtual reality training has long been expensive and cost prohibitive for most organizations, as all things VR tend to involve complex and time-consuming digital animation to develop. And then there’s expensive hardware requirements to control and enable VR experiences..

But now, Pathways Training and eLearning Inc. just changed all of that with the creation of a new and scalable VR solution that is “game changing for any organization’s learning ambitions,” a provided statement reads.

A casual conversation at a technology conference became the catalyst to St. John Ambulance (SJA) and Pathways partnering to develop Canada’s first 360°, virtual reality eLearning module – a simulated mass casualty event, filmed at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, BC., this morning’s official announcement explains.

As Kurt Tiltack (Pathways Managing Partner) explains, “Even in the rare event that an organization can afford the development investment, VR simply isn’t practical for our clients, because typically only one user can go through a program at a time.”

To remove this obstacle, Pathways created custom code that facilitates 360° video’s shift from live action into virtual reality. This code also allows the Pathways team to embed clickable learning ‘hotspots’ directly within the video. Once the module is downloaded, an endless number of users in any location can then experience VR on their smartphone with only the need for Google’s very economical Cardboard Goggles.

We’re told that SJA was interested in immersive learning that could replicate a ‘real-world’ experience for their thousands of Medical First Responders.

“We were looking for a way to remove some of the psychological barriers around first aid by creating a simulation that was as real as possible,” said Stevan Anas, Interaction Designer and Provincial Training Officer from SJA. “We also needed that solution to be cost effective, repeatable, consistent, and easy to distribute over a large geographical area.”

To learn more about what the Pathways team is doing with and for VR, click here.


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