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Can BioGaming Virtual Reality Improve Patient AdherenceVirtual reality’s application in the healthcare space is expanding rapidly as 2015 winds to a close.

The latest evidence of this promising trend comes from BioGaming, a developer of virtual reality physiotherapy solutions.

On Tuesday, the firm announced two innovations that are being credited as “firsts” in the industry.

“Physiotherapists in the United Kingdom, Europe and Israel can now prescribe the BioGaming rehabilitation system to patients for at-home use,” the company tells us. And, in addition, “iOS and Android companion applications are now available to facilitate communications between physiotherapists and patients.”

The company says its latest offerings expand upon BioGaming’s patent-pending solution for creating and delivering “more fun and engaging” gamified exercise routines

“Adherence to traditional physiotherapy approaches is painfully low, and boring routines often demotivate patients and fail to improve patient health as intended,” explains Dudi Klein, the CEO of BioGaming. “We’re taking the proven physiotherapy routines, real-time biofeedback and personal encouragement of sessions in the hospital or clinic and bringing it home. It closes the gaps in the current physiotherapy process to boost adherence, transform the therapy cost equation for providers, and empower our customers to deliver better patient outcomes.”


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