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Beam Me Up, Facebook Zuck and Company Working on TeleporterTaking a page out of Star Trek, Facebook wants to build a teleporter. Of course, it may not be what you’re thinking.

Facebook’s CTO Mike Schroepfer is quoted in a new report this week saying that the social network is aiming to “effectively build a teleporter.”

“Facebook wants to build a device that allows you to be anywhere you want, with anyone, regardless of geographic boundaries,” Schroepfer is quoted by Mashable.

To be clear, however, there won’t be any “beaming.” Facebook is more realistically looking to “improve upon the virtual reality experience by adding physical feedback, tricking your senses into thinking you’re somewhere you’re not.”

For example, Facebook is tinkering with the “Oculus Touch,” a technology that lets users integrate their hands into the virtual reality experience created by using the Oculus Rift.

“When the Touch begins shipping in the middle of 2016, it will also come with a tool called Medium,” the report notes, “Oculus calls it ‘digital clay’ that allows users to sculpt 3D objects using the controllers.”


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