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China’s Youku Tudou Sees Huge Growth Potential in Virtual Reality ContentToday in China, Baidu — the leading Chinese language Internet search provider — announced the acquisition of xPerception.

If you’re not familiar, xPerception is a U.S. technology company that provides visual perception software and hardware solutions for a range of applications, including robotics, virtual reality, and devices for people who are visually impaired.

The acquisition further strengthens the use of Baidu’s visual perception technology in key projects like augmented reality and autonomous driving, accelerating the development of artificial intelligence-based products.

Following the acquisition, we’re told that the core xPerception team will join Baidu Research and continue developing xPerception’s core technology, visual inertial simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM).

“The acquisition of xPerception is the latest in a recent series of notable investments aimed at strengthening Baidu’s position as a global leader in AI,” reads a statement emailed to VRJournal. “AI has permeated many of Baidu’s products, and the company has been attracting leading AI talent through its research facilities in Silicon Valley, Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen.”


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