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VRJournal learned Tuesday that AppSwarm — a company that focuses on the acquisition and development of application-based technologies — has acquired an innovative ecommerce website, Into the VR World.

We’re told that AppSwarm is pursuing growth of its current in-house software development platforms and the application incubation/acceleration program. Developing virtual reality products and platforms has an immediate emphasis within our development sector.

“Further, the company is pursuing technology company mergers and acquisitions that fit within our corporate principles,” a provided statement reads.

Ronald Brewer, CEO of AppSwarm, Inc., is particularly excited about what’s to come.

“With our in-house focus heavily on VR and AR we thought it advantageous to acquire a sophisticated and graphics rich eCommerce site,” Brewer notes. “Into the VR World made perfect sense. The data we are collecting and the feedback we are receiving, all point to significant opportunity within all facets of the virtual reality industry.”


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