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Apple Getting Into Virtual RealityIs one of the biggest names in technology ready to stop dragging its feet on virtual reality? According to an intriguing new report Thursday, the VR hardware holdout that is Apple may be preparing for a “disruptive” move in the world of virtual reality.

Benzinga notes that analyst Skye Chen appears to be among the Apple VR believers, beginning with the suspicion that all Apple mobile devices will be be “Force Touch-ready” within two years.

“Apple has spent a significant amount of time and monetary resources developing Force Touch technology and is readying its supply chain for VR technology,” Chen is quoted in the report.

Chen also hints at Apple’s probable focus on helping technology evolve to “enable human-machine interface” and allos for virtual reality experiences.

“Apple is in the leading position for VR products in devices,” a Credit Agricole report explains. “In the next two to three years, users will be able to experience VR through their iDevices. By that time, Apple will have built up a comprehensive supply chain.”

With Facebook, Google, Samsung, Sony and others already aboard the VR train, this may be one of those rare situations in which Apple finds itself having to play catch-up to the rest of the tech world.


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