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143949-thumb-500x500VRJournal learned Tuesday that an interesting partnership is behind the latest online launch of a new VR headset now rolling out to consumers interested in an accessible and affordable product.

Amazon and Rokjam have teamed to launch what’s being called “the newest innovation in the gaming and entertainment industry” — The Rokjam Three-Dimensional, Virtual Reality Headset.

Although the makers readily admit the increasingly steep competition of the VR market, “none offer unrestricted, 360 degree views while offering a three-dimensional, high-definition viewing.”

The Rokjam virtual reality headset works well with Android or iPhone, and protects the phone with its sleek and durable case. The headset comes with stretchable bands to allow for a snug fit on the head and boasts an attractive black and blue exterior, making it the perfect gift for children and adults alike.

So will consumers flock to the new offering this holiday season?

“Sadly I don’t think our 3D VR headset production will be able to keep up with the current demand… our marketing projections predict that our virtual reality technology will be completely sold out long before Christmas time,” company spokeswoman Sylvia Porter says, obviously ratcheting up the hype to drive early sales.

To learn more about the new VR headset, click here.


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