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Altia Systems Rolls Out Real-Time VR Capabilities for USB CameraThe world of VR ready USB cameras is growing more sophisticated by the day, thanks in no small part to companies like Altia systems.

On Thursday, the Altia Systems team confirmed to VRJournal the availability of a Virtual Reality mode for its PanaCast 2 Panoramic-4K real-time video camera.

The VR mode, we’re told, is based on a new generation of global stitching technology and algorithms. All told, these enhancements serve to optimize outdoor and live-action use.

Altia Systems revealed publicly today that the camera is in production and available now with the VR mode for the original price of $995.

As for camera’s nuts and bolts and bells and whistles, they’re pretty impressive. For example:

  • With its on-board PanaCast video processor, the PanaCast 2 outputs Panoramic-4K video with industry-leading sub-single frame latency.
  • The PanaCast 2 offers a 3840 x 1080 pixels per frame resolution across a 180° field-of-view that mimics the natural human perspective.
  • Relative to a 360° x 360° 4K camera, this results in significantly higher-quality video thanks to 2x higher horizontal and ~3.3x higher vertical pixel density.

“With the new VR mode for PanaCast 2, people can shoot Panoramic-4K immersive video in all types of everyday settings – all in real-time and at an affordable price,” says Aurangzeb Khan, CEO of Altia Systems. “They can easily view the content in real-time and upload and share the content via YouTube360, Facebook360, and other popular video sharing platforms.”


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