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Agilibility and University of Tennessee Strike Virtual Reality DealVRJournal has learned that a Knoxville, Tennessee-based web design company called Agilibility has signed a contract with the University of Tennessee to do 360-degree video production for a virtual reality project.

Details, however, are sparse on just what the project is about.

“Daniel Buchanan, whose wife Cyndi Buchanan, is owner of Agilibility, said he is bound by a confidentiality agreement from discussing particulars of the collaboration with UT, but said this is a major project for the company,” according to KnoxNews. “The university did not offer any information on the project.”

But Mr. Buchanan did say this:

“This is something that has been consuming my time and energy for about the last year,” he said. “Virtual reality is going to change the way people will connect with work and play and all aspects of our lives.”

Agilibility was founded in 2012 as a web design and mobile app development firm; the company has already developed apps for the Oculus Rift and the Google Cardboard virtual reality headsets.


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