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Ad Tech New York Showcases Virtual Reality's Move into Mobile AdvertisingLast week, ad:tech New York played host to a dazzling array of pioneering new technologies hastening the evolution of sophisticated and efficient advertising in the modern mobile age.

Not surprisingly, virtual reality was a familiar fixture in the booths of many companies with new technologies to tease at the conference and exhibition.

As VRJournal first reported in October, Airpush recently lifted the curtain on its first-of-a-kind virtual reality ad network named VirtualSKY. Fittingly, the Airpush crew came to ad:tech to showcase their VR demo app, which depicts a VR shooter game that users can experience within a VR headset (a Samsung Gear VR).

VirtualSKY placed 10-30 second immersive ‘Experience Ads’ at natural breaks in content (for example, between levels in the game), transporting viewers into the world of the ad with 360 degrees of video and sound.

With the latest industry estimates calling for virtual reality to reach $4.7 billion in sales of software as soon as 2018, there’s no question that Airpush has its eye on a market believed to have massive growth potential.

VRJournal was privy to four examples of VirtualSky’s ad tech in action. One experience depicts the user flying through mountains, lakes and into the sky. Another places users on a golf course, beach and inside of a swanky 5-star resort. There’s also one that serves up an extreme sports example. And, lastly, there’s an automotive example where you’re driving a BMW on the open road.

Clearly, Airpush was out in full force to showcase how VirtualSKY makes virtual reality advertisement experiences possible inside of virtually any VR game or app.

Of course, they weren’t alone in their efforts to demonstrate the coming fusion of VR with digital advertising. Silicon Valley based startup AdsOptimal also rolled into New York to highlight VR-based web ads during the expo.

The company was on hand to officially launch its virtual reality platform dubbed 3DX. Company chief Brad Phaisan says 2016 will be dominated by efforts to push virtual reality ads to mainstream digital media.

“Our goal is to be a platform that can show virtual reality across devices. We want to build the web version of VR where it can run anywhere, not specific to platforms and no installation required,” Phaisan recently told e27.

For more info about this year’s ad:tech New York, click here.


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