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360Heros Hosting VR Video Production Workshops in L.A.Those in Los Angeles wanting to learn more about immersive virtual reality 360 video production are in luck.

On Friday, VRJournal learned that 360Heros Inc. is set to begin teaching a class on VR film production next week (beginning May 14).

We’re told that the class will cover end-to-end spherical content creation workflow for the latest VR head mounted displays and 360 video platforms.

Those interested in the class can be expected to receive a complete overview of the end-to-end 360 video production process (including hands-on shooting exercises for VR content, a data management and data transfer tutorial and an overview of the stitching process).

There’s no cap and gown, but certificates of completion will be awarded at the conclusion of the class, organizers tell us.

The in-depth classes will be led by the 360Heros veteran and ultra-savvy VR production team — individuals who have been on the ground floor of the VR revolution and played a pivotal role in this young industry’s rapid expansion.

“Our goal is to support content creators with quality education and workflow knowledge,” says 360Heros CEO Michael Kintner. “Through our years of production experience we’ve learned that in 360 video if you fail, fail quickly, learn, adapt, and take advantages of losses and move forward. We’ve applied this mentality to our training classes to help people navigate production challenges and understand tips and tricks to achieve success.”

To learn more or to register, click here.


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